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The E-Conservation Program was created by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service with funding from State Energy Office to inform and educate North Carolina consumers about ways to both reduce energy use and increase energy efficiency in the home. This project is designed to educate and empower consumers to be proactive in reducing their home energy consumption and in saving money through no-and low-cost energy efficiency measures, behavioral changes and home retrofits. The Consumer Energy Education Project has been active since March 2005. The E-Conservation Program: Provides consumers with education about ways to reduce energy use and increase energy efficiency in the home/residence - Click here for Educational Resources Teaches consumers to be proactive in reducing energy consumption through no/low cost measures, maximizing utility and government energy efficiency offers, behavioral changes, and home retrofits State Energy Office Funding Reaches consumers through outreach efforts of local county Cooperative Extension Offices Offices located in every county in North Carolina (find your county office here) Trusted and unbiased Established partnerships with local government, schools, and community

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The May edition e-newsletter is now available for viewing and focuses on such topics as landscaping tips, using energy strategies to help older Americans and a renter's guide to saving.


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E-Conservation Program – 2014 Accomplishment Report

PROGRAM OVERVIEW:  The E-Conservation Program is a partnership between the State Energy Office and North Carolina Cooperative Extension. The program was developed to inform and educate North Carolina consumers about ways to reduce MORE »

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Savings through Insulating

This week’s The Energy Star Current, EPA’s energy blog, addresses saving on energy costs with proper insulation.  After sealing your home for air leaks, it is important to have the right amount of MORE »

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