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Attic Safety – Defined

Be cautious before entering an attic
Attic safety starts before ever setting foot on the floor. If planning any attic renovations, expect to get a little dirty, according to Energy Star. It helps to know what the plan of attack is before getting underway, and the less trips needed up and down the stairs the better.

Safety also has to do with clothing, and the correct outerwear can keep a homeowner from breathing in airborne particles, and shirts and pants might get ruined when performing attic maintenance. This area of a home is often the hottest during the summer, and any work done this time of year needs to start early in the day, Energy Star noted.

Heat exhaustion might occur from the sweltering temperatures, so plan to bring any additional water and wear a respirator or mask. There are constant dangers when in an attic, so be careful and remain vigilant when working.

OSHA recommends looking at the structural integrity of an attic floor, and the truss chords or ceiling joists may be too weak to support prolonged weight. The small space and poor lighting provides added complications for residential construction, and extra steps should be taken to be safe.