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Can (Recessed ) Light – Defined

A metal light ­fixture (or can) that is in-set into the ceiling. These fi­xtures can be a big source of air leaks when installed in the upper floor of a home.

Can / recessed light - imageVideos – How to Seal and Insulate Can Lights – demonstrates how to simply and quickly stop air leakages through can lights using covers specifically designed for this purpose. Also watch Recessed Lighting – Proper Sealing and Safety in The Attic. and How to Seal and Insulate Can Lights (at 3:00 see thermal imaging and at 3:45 you can learn about how some older can lights are not insulation contact rated. This means you can not have insulation come into contact with the can light. – solution explained at 4:20. Air Sealing Attics (at 1:10 – 1:40)

At 8:20, this video demonstates how much energy is lost through a traditional can light.

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