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DIY Step 2 – Setting Priorities

Step 2: Setting Priorities – Once you have assessed your home, use this helpful article to prioritize your projects: Making Sense (and Cents) out of Home Energy Efficiency Projects

Prioritizing Air Sealing Projects

  • 1st priority: Attic
  • 2nd priority: Foundation areas i.e. Basement and Crawlspace
  • 3rd priority: Living spaces – The living space is the “conditioned” space.

Warm air rises and, as it rises, escapes through air leaks in the attic. New, unconditioned air enters your home through air leaks to replace the air that escapes through the attic. If you can stop air from leaking out at the top of the home then you can dramatically reduce the amount of air exchange taking place. By minimizing air loss in the attic, conditioned air (the air you have paid to heat or cool) will stay in the home longer.  An excellent video explaining this is here.

Making Sense (and Cents) out of Home Energy Efficiency Projects

Methodology for Estimated Energy Savings from Cost-Effective Air Sealing and Insulating – Energy Star

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