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North Carolina Cooperative Extension Home Energy PublicationsDIY - Caulking Around Doors and Windows

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Energy Savers Booklet – U.S. Dept of Energy Energy Savers Booklet - Tips on Saving Energy & Money at Home

  • Save Energy and Money Today
  • Your Home’s Energy Use
  • Insulation and Sealing Air Leaks
  • Heating and Cooling
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Home Energy Professionals (Energy Auditors) – How to Select and What to Expect – Helpful Tips and information about how to select an Energy Auditor and what to expect from a home energy audit / assessment. Spanish Publications: Home Energy Publications to help you save energy (and money) in your home or apartment.

3243750889_9f72c8bb7dAir Sealing and InsulationResources to help you set project priorities, detect and seal air leaks, choose appropriate products, and complete Do-It-Yourself projects. Lighting: Fact sheets, buying guides, and other resources. Want to know what a “lumen” is? Need help selecting the correct energy efficient bulb for a particular situation? New energy-saving incandescents, LEDs and CFLs cover the range of color and features you’re accustomed to, yet they use less energy. Appliances: Save Energy, Save Money dishwashing

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Windows – Energy Saving Tips139665859

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HVAC (Heating and Cooling Systems):

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